Local Photographers

Local Parkway shutter bugs are invited to post their work.
Send  your jpegs and a bio to pmarkle@wrhistory.org  and we will post them.

Scott Wachtler

Scott  works as an editor at the Bulletin and enjoyss learning new tricks and techniques with digital camera's. 

Anna Manning

Friend and activist with the West Roxbury Historical Society for 50 years. Missed by those who knew her.

Paul Markle

Paul, a local resident for almost 30 years, is retired.
He enjoys photographing the West Roxbury community, especially Turtle Pond and other recreational areas.
He also photographs issues relating to veterans.

Karen Owens Linehan

Karen is a lifelong resident of West Roxbury. She served the community as a teacher. 
Karen has a wide range of photographic interests, especially nature.
Her work can be viewed at

Fran Markle

Fran enjoys photographing her vacations and her pets. She works in the mental health field.

Sally Muspratt

Sally has lived in WR since 1989. A landscape designer, she volunteers with the West Roxbury
Main streets and the Garden Club Federation of Ma. Her work can be viewed a http://www.smmgardens.com/

Photographers Gallery

              Mother and daughter                           Snow Fun
                 Artist: Scott Wachtler                    Artist: Scott Wachtler
                    Charles River 

                  Charles River MDC

              Artist: Anna Manning 

                  Artist: Anna Manning

turtle pond



Turtle Pond 

                          Artist: Paul Markle


Artist: Paul Markle


  Millennium Park


Pink Dalia 

                      Artist: Karen Owens Linehan                     Artist: Karen Owens Linehan    




 Frank Llyod Wright Monument



 Artist: Fran Markle


 Artist: Fran Markle

               Queen Anne's Lace in Winter                         Red Maple
                 Artist: Sally Muspratt                   Artist: Sally Muspratt




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