History of West Roxbury
20th Century

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School Days Remembered.  By: Gertrude Kenney Blais

The American Legion Post 167. By: Bob Murphy

The Bussey bridge train wreck. By: Edward Sweeney

The untold story of Billings Field.  By: Sandi Serkess

The Randall Morris School 1957-1964.   By: Sandi Serkess

The not so secrect sharer. By: Sandi Serkess

Ther's no place like home. By: Sandi Serkess

The Family heard round the world: The Drapers of West Roxbury. By: Sandi Serkess

The VFW. The ghost of holidays past. By: Sandi Serkess

Walk this way, Please. By  Sandi Serkess


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