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Our Worship Service
Classes  meet to study God's word Saturday morning from 10:00am to 10:50am. There are classes that  study the regular weekly lesson. There are other classes, a class that deals with topic of interest, such as, different bible study techniques, a new believers class, and also a Spanish speaking class.  We have classes from cradle to young adult.  These classes are designed to appeal to each age group and are taught by people who love, treasure and enjoy the privilege to share the love of Jesus Christ.   

The children’s classes enjoy singing, prayer, bible and character building stories, inter-active role play, sharing, birthday celebrations, and lots of participation in the class program.  We teach the children from the bible at their level of understanding.  The classes for youth and young adult are also character building in preparation for life’s journey.  We deal with real life issues that confront our young people for this day and age and most importantly, their future. We teach them to study God's word.


Cradleroll Room     102
Kindergarten Room 103
Primary Room        101
Basement of Biederman Center
Something ElseAdult
Class Room           104
Spanish Class
Class Room           105
Adult Classes


Welcome to our worship service. From the oldest to the youngest Christians and individuals are searching.

Our service goes from 10:50 am to 12:30 pm. We start the service with music, songs of  praise and worship in the sanctuary.  We have a warm and wonderfully diverse song service.  The element of our music ranges from warm to lively, meeting the need of all. Vocal and instrumental music, children's story, Bible readings, health talk, and a very timely message, from pastor Jeba Moses, are some of the things that take place in our church service.  All are welcome to come and enjoy our gathering of fellowship and exciting study from Gods word.

Study Group

There is Small Group Study that meet in homes during the week. On Wednesday there is a senior study group that meet at 10:00 am and a Bible study group that meet at 6:00 pm at our church.