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Welcome to Kids Corner
Children Christian Links

Adventures in Odyssey - Listen to a "fast-paced family adventure for children of all ages" from Focus on the Family.

Children's Bible Hour - Daily devotions/stories and more (Real Audio files)

Children's Bible Stories – Cool children’s Bible stories with pictures and sound!

Children's Online Bible Studies - Nifty online Bible studies just for kids!

Children's Sonshine Network Homepage – His Kids Radio

Christ For Me - Christ For Me Online Magazine is for kids from age 3 to 12.

Kids Quest - Learn about the Creator by exploring His marvelous creation!

KidSpot - Stories you read or listen to, jokes, art and more.

Kidzplace - Animation, stories, games. Very cool! This is a really well done site but it requires "Flash" from Macromedia (downloadable if not included with your browser).

Fun Links

Children's Online Bible Studies - the Kid Explorers Coloring Book
where you can find great pages to print out and color.

Colgate Kids World - Fun and games from Colgate - Interactive coloring pages

Color pictures online OR print them and color them the old fashion way. Very Cool

Crayola - Cool crafts for Kids (stuff for parents and teachers too)

Download-a-Dinosaur - Make paper dinosaurs

Drew's Unoffical Thomas the Tank Engine - Cool stuff and many links

Riley & Drew's Thomas the Tank Engine page - Lots of info about Thomas.

Etch-A- Sketch – online etch-a-sketch, games and more.

Eagle Kids – fun with Eagles. Games, coloring and more.

Family Fun Crafts - You can do a lot of crafts at this site.

Fun for Kids - Stories, games, jokes and more

Games Kids Play - Rules to games that kids play

Hot Wheels - Games and Hot Wheels. Very cool!

Kidscom – Games and more

Kid's Place - fun stuff, stories and brian teasers – activities and fun stuff for kids.

Pauly's Playhouse - online games for younger kids

Rainy Day Resources - On and off the computer

Squigly's Playhouse - a fun and safe place for kids to play and learn.

Uncle Fred - Draw and color with Uncle Fred

Educational Links

Barnyard Buddies - Games and stories

Brainpop - The more you know, the more you know!

Children's Television Workshop - The makers of Sesame Street

Funschool - Fun stuff by grade level


KidsGuidetoOralHealth - The importance of oral health includes much more than just healthy teeth.

Kidspace @ Internet Public Library

Live from Antartica - Cool stuff for parents, teachers and kids!

Mars Rover - NASA's latest adventure on Mars

National Geographic for Kids - Games and more

The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System


Weekly Reader - Fun for parents and students

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - the best place for science entertainment

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