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February 15, 2014:  "Your Home: Exploring Its Deeper Meaning"

Your home is your sanctuary, goes the saying.  Is this true for you?  Is your home your sacred space in which you replenish, rejuvenate, release, nourish, and heal?  Or, is it a space compacted with other emotions?

Did you know that you can learn much about a person based on their home - its furnishings, style, cleanliness or lack of, etc?  Your home is a reflection of your beliefs, emotions, and thought processes, such as what you deeply and truly think and feel about yourself.

By understanding the energy within your home, you can gain valuable insight into YOU - your beliefs (perhaps old ones that no longer serve you), limitations you have set up for yourself, areas where you thrive, the health of your marriage/family dynamic, and so on.  With this insight, you can start to initiate changes within the home that ultimately reflect inner changes.  You have the opportunity to redefine your home space to align with a healthier and more conscious way of living and moving forward in life while in peace and trust.

On February 15, 2014, we will be presenting a new tele-class on this subject to assist you with this journey.  "Your Home: Exploring Its Deeper Meaning" will offer key information to assist you to pay close attention to your home and its deeper meaning while gaining the awareness of its connection to your inner home, and knowledge of how to align the two in positive and enriching ways.  We will explore the home, in general, with focus on specific areas, including the basement and kitchen.

The tele-class will be conducted via phone. 

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2014
Time: 11:00am EST - 12:00pm EST (actual presentation is approximately 45 minutes with Q & A after)
Cost: $36 (click here to register)

Registration closes on February 13 at 11:00am.  Upon registering, a
phone number and call-in code will be sent to you, via email, on February 15, so you can listen and participate in the class.  You may forward your email address here.

Please feel free to share this information with friends and family.

Looking forward to your participation!


Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC is a Licensed Natural Health Care Practitioner and Educator with a natural and holistic health practice serving the women, maternity, and family community. 
As an Instructor, Nicole has taught live health webinars in partnership with Vital Connection University and Northeast Holistic Center.  As a writer, she has written articles on the value of natural and organic health, and the evolving consciousness of women.  A featured aromatherapy expert in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Nicole's powerful written piece, 'Women...Let Us Heal Ourselves', can be seen in Inner Realm: A Magazine Dedicated to Your Personal Journey to Total Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC
Northern New Jersey
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