Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC

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Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC

An innate interest in natural therapy led to Nicole’s first course of study in Aromatherapy at Northeast Holistic Center (NHC) in 2000.  This avenue inevitably evolved into attaining prestigious positions of Licensed Natural Health Care Practitioner and Educator, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Practitioner with the HIV/AIDS program and Instructor, all with NHC.  As the latter, Nicole taught online courses on natural therapy options for women’s wellness, including menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, newborn health and beyond.  

Feeling inspired from that first
Aromatherapy course, in addition to assisting a pregnant friend on bed rest, led Nicole to start her own company, Whole Creations LLC in 2004, a holistic healthcare practice.  In its early conception, Whole Creations only offered Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Nicole's trainings and certifications continue to grow, and, as a result, her company now offers,
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Flower Essence Therapy, Enzyme Therapy, Herbal Education, and Holistic Synergy Energywork for preventive health and to address any health concern.

As an Educator/Instructor, Nicole is redefining the approach to pregnancy health by educating the public through her company and
courses. It is her philosophy that the birthing journey should be safe, gentle, empowered and free from harmful intervention. Her practice embodies this mission by offering a variety of wellness options to assist this community, such as 'Flourishing Health' wellness packages, and the Birth Support Kit.

Nicole has created
aromatherapy products, including pregnancy and postpartum care blends and birthing support products for celebrity moms, wellness companies, midwifery centers, and everyday moms and babies throughout New Jersey, New York City, Los Angeles, England, and the West Indies.  

Experienced with single and twin newborn care, Nicole can be heard on several Blog Talk Radio shows presenting the significance of natural therapy options during the pregnancy journey, essential oils for comfort measures during childbirth, and understanding the menstrual cycle.

Nicole assisted with editing the Ryan White Title A grant and co-facilitated the grant for the Pepsi Refresh Idea, in partnership with Northeast Holistic Center; both grants were geared towards providing natural therapy options to the HIV/AIDS community, including pregnant women, babies, and children.

Nicole has also participated in numerous holistic fairs and lectures in New York and New Jersey including St. Francis College and Essex County College in New Jersey and Aromatherapy lecture to doctors at UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey).  She has an impressive collegiate background in Community Health and Human Services, with Certification in Counseling, from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York.  She specialized in such studies as Psychology, Mental Health and Crisis Intervention, Family and Personal Relationships and Child/Adult Development. Nicole is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Wholistic Theology degree from Northeast Holistic Center.

A Writer, Nicole’s holistic health articles can be viewed on health and fitness website, LIVESTRONG.COM, as well as other online publications/forums, such as Stork Magazine, and Ricki Lake's My Best Birth.  Nicole contributed two informative articles on personal self-expression and caring for the feminine body for the health section of Glitter Magazine! For Girls Who Rock! and her empowerment article, “Women…Let Us Heal Ourselves” can be seen in Inner Realm Magazine, a Holistic Health magazine dedicated to your personal Journey to total health of the body, mind and spirit. As a featured Aromatherapist in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Nicole explained the significance of essential oils during childbirth, as well as, how to create a healthy 'bump and beyond' with essential oils in B3 Magazine, the Caribbean's first baby and child magazine. 

Women desiring to get pregnant and sustain a healthy maternity journey and family wellness consult with Nicole because of her knowledge, wellness philosophy, gentleness, compassion and effectiveness in her approach and services.

You may contact her office to learn more about the practice and all it has to offer.

Nicole A. Tucker, Lic. LCC
Northern New Jersey
Single and package sessions are available via telephone for the global community
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