6oz. Bacon Wrapped Filet $6.00 Everyday

Triad Meat Company has an extremely knowledgeable staff that brings more than one hundred years of experience to the cutting block.  We are inspected daily by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and have written Sanitation Operating Procedures and HACCP programs.

                                                   No Chemicals,
                                                                  no preservatives,
                                                                 and no antibiotics.

Just all natural, 100% beef, pork, and poultry at fair, affordable prices.  Triad Meat Company accepts most major credit cards, check, cash, and ebt.

Don't trust your family's dinner to just any grocer.  Come to the experts.  Come to the name you know and you can trust.  Come to Triad Meat Company.


Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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  Whats Fresh and New at Triad Meats

 N.C. Grass fed, non GMO grian finished Beef

Grown in Maxton, N.C. This beef is grown on pasture and finished on non GMO grains, also grown on the farm. Read all about it at moorebrothersnatural.com . And be prepared for an amazing dinning experience. 

All Natural Pasture Raised Pork

We are raising a small herd of hogs at our home in Randolph Co.  These pigs come from great stock and are Hampshire / Berkshire crosses. They are raised outdoors where they, like our chickens , get lots of sunshine and wind on there backs. We do not feed medicated rations nor do we inject any growth hormone into our pigs. In fact we don't inject anything at all into our hogs, because they don't need anything extra to make them grow. They are fed corn, rations, table scrapes, acorns, garden waste and whatever else they can root up while out on pasture. ( Our pasture is wooded ) Our hogs are raised very differently than hogs at the confinment houses. They are not locked up in small holding pens where they are left to get bored and start fighting and tail biting. Our pigs are enjoying a stress free life, because they have lots of room to roam and lots of thing to keep them busy. If you are interested in purchasing any of this great tasting pork, call us today. We are selling whole pigs for processing. We also have fresh cuts available in our store. We hope you take time and enjoy the great taste of free range pork and as always, thank you for your continued support.   The Stevens Family

Mother Cluckers Henhouse Eggs

We have a small flock of free ranging laying hens. Unlike commercially raised, confindment house chickens, our chickens have full access to the outdoors all day long. They get plenty of sunshine and exercise. They have a wide variety in their diet, including not only laying rations and scartch, but bugs, seeds, grasses, table scrapes, fruit and all types of other things they scartch up, the way nature intended them too. So stop by and get your fresh farm raised white and brown eggs today.

Triad Meats and the Stevens family, are now  proud members of Piedmont Grown , a group committed to bringing you the freshest available produce from one of the 37 piedmont counties of North Carolina.  Click on the link to read more about the program. Also we are now members of Goodness Grows In North Carolina . So when you shop at Triad Meat Company you know you can buy local goods.










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