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I know how much I enjoy the bread from the St. Paul Flatbread. I was determined to have just a small piece.  However, as it always happens, I could eat nothing less than a full loaf!  Thanks bunches!!  Terry Massad


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In a world of instant foods and processed meals, St. Paul Flatbread offers a rare treat of robust flavor, soft pliable texture and healthy eating.  St. Paul Flatbread keeps alive a 200 year recipe from all natural ingredients.  Each piece of flatbread is hand tossed to give it a unique taste and texture. 

St. Paul Flatbread was once only enjoyed by local customers on the lower West side of St. Paul. With the help of the internet, others are discovering the many uses of St. Paul Flatbread.  From traditional ethic meals to the newest American wraps or uses as a thin pizza crust, businesses and customers are making St. Paul Flatbread part of their eating experiences.





Check out some of our favorite holiday recipes you can use with St Paul Flatbread, garlic and other Mid-Eastern ingredients.  Click here to see our favorite recipes.

You can now buy St Paul Flatbread in five delicious flavors.  Beside the traditional white bread, you can now get St. Paul Flatbread in four popular flavors:

  •             Whole Wheat
  •             Tomato Basil
  •             Spinach and Herb
  •             Onion

These flavored breads were developed in conjunction with Kowalski’s 9 Market stores in the Twin City area.  Kowalski’s features deli wraps using St. Paul Flatbread and Minnesota Boar’s Head meats.  You choose your meat and flavor of St. Paul Flatbread to create a deli wrap perfect for you.

Donny bakes these flavored bread twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. To order St. Paul Flatbread in any of its popular flavors, use one of the Order Processes found on the right side of this page.  Combine these flavored breads with other mid Eastern food found on our on-line catalog to crate a unique taste found nowhere else. 

How to Order...

St. Paul Flatbread offers you four different ways to order this unique dining experience. 

  • For local customers, they can call in their orders for pick up.
  • Customers can order and have products shipped to their home.
  • Business can use the special business to business ordering process.
  • Have St. Paul Flatbread cater your next event.

Click the type of order you would like to make from the Order Menu on the right side of the page and you will be taken to the appropriate ordering page. 

To learn more about the traditions of St. Paul Flatbread, click on the Flatbread Traditions Tab on the page.  

To find out more about the other ethic products you can order, click on the Product Tab at the top of this page. 

To get a Free Recipe Book that show the many ways you can use St. Paul Flatbread and other mid-eastern dishes, type in your name and email address on the left hand column of this page.

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