The Rosary
Step by step instructions and complete listings of the prayers associated with the rosary.
The rosary is a
that provides us the
opportunity to
prayerfully reflect on the
life of Christ through each
of the Mysteries.
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What Our Lady has promised to those who pray the rosary, and the blessings and benefits of doing so.
Where did the rosary originate and why is it that we pray the Rosary the way we do? Have we always prayed the Rosary the way we do today? You might be surprised!
Personalized Rosaries remains an answer to a prayer.
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"Pray the Rosary Every Day."

Franciscan Crown

St Michael Chaplet
Mother of Sorrows Chaplet
Divine Will - FIAT Chaplet
Five Wounds Chaplet

Prayer for the Five Wounds Chaplet

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Precious Blood Chaplet

Prayer for the Precious Blood Chaplet

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Personalized Rosaries is now offering made to order chaplets of every kind. Chaplets are a series of prayers to show devotion and increase faith. Some chaplets use ordinary 5 decade rosary beads, others have totally different configurations. There are hundreds of different chaplets. They Honor the Most Holy Trinity, The Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Angels, Saints, The Blessed Virgin, Divine Mercy, Divine Will, Precious Blood, etc.  Although they are usually made with beads, they can be made with knots on a string, or any method of counting.

All chaplets ordered here are made with glass beads, pins and chain.  None are made with string or cord unless that is what is specifically requested. Chaplets may be personalized in the same manner as our rosaries.

Prices of chaplets will vary according to the number of beads and or medals of each chaplet.

Please feel free to call with any questions you might have or to order.

Below is a partial list of chaplets with configurations different than a regular 5 decade rosary that may be ordered. If you want a chaplet of a particular kind not listed here, please call.

1. Franciscan Crown
2. Mother of Sorrows Chaplet
3. St Michael Chaplet
4. Chaplet of the Sacred Heart
5. Divine Will Chaplet
6. Chaplet of the Precious Blood
7. Chaplet of Immaculate Conception
8. Chaplet of St Joseph
9. Chaplet of St Anthony
10. Chaplet of St Jude
11. Chaplet for the Holy Souls.

"Pray the Rosary Every Day."
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