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1. Tournament shall be governed by USBC tournament rules. The only exceptions being the rules outlined here which shall conform to USBC rules.. Entries close 15 minutes before starting time. Once tournament has started all late entrants shall receive a zero score for missed frames. 

2. Tournament shall be open to all bowlers not reaching their 22nd birthday by August 1st of the current year and who have not been found in violation of Y.A.B.A. Rule 400 (except scholarship money where awarded). Bowlers who have bowled 15 games in the LIYBT will use their tournament club average. If you have not bowled we will use current book average. If you have more than 21 games in league play at the time of your entry, you must supply tournament official with a current league sheet. Bowler’s average will be adjusted after every tournament but may not fall 10 pins below their entering average for handicap purpose. Handicap is 80% of 200, Bowlers over 200 average will use minus pins based on 80%. Bowlers without averages will be as per U.S.B.C.:
Ages 9-11 - 120, Ages 12-14 - 150
Ages 15-18 - 180, Ages 19-21 - 200

3. Coaching shall NOT be permitted on the lanes at any time the bowlers are competing, Coaching permitted behind the lanes only. THERE IS NO COACHING DURING STEPLADDERS. 

4. Any of the following actions shall be considered as rule violations: (a)Use of foul, obscene or vulgar language/gestures (b) Attempts to intimidate or distract other competitors, (c ) Any action which is abusive to bowling equipment (d) Any action which is intended to delay the start, continuity or completion of a game (e) All bowlers must wear shirts with sleeves. Dirty or torn clothing, clothing with offensive language etc: are not permitted, if your not sure don’t wear it. These rules will be strictly enforced. 

5. Entry fee scratch division $35.00 Breakdown: Lineage $24.50, Expenses $2.50 Scholarship $8.00. Handicap division $30.00 Breakdown: Linage $20.50 Expenses $2.50  Scholarships $7.00

SIDE EVENTS When available Awards based on entries
Eliminator Bracket: $2 entry. Games 1-4, approximately 2/3 field advances after each game, top three bowler after 4th game earns scholarships. Awards 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20% estimated.
Front 8 Jackpot: $1 entry.  First bowler to roll eight strikes from the first frame wins, jackpot splits if multiple bowlers hit. Awards 100%

6. NCAA member’s entry fee $27 (scratch div) or may pay full entry fee and may receive up to full entry fee plus travel expense as a scholarship award.

7. Regular tournament format: Scratch division bowl 5 games across 10 lanes, top 40% advance, and bowl 3 games match play. Girls will receive eight (8) bonus pins in the qualifying round added to their scratch scores. Handicap division bowl 4 games across 8 lanes top 40% advance bowl 2 games match play. Handicap shall be 80% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 200. Maximum of16 bowlers in each division advance to semi-finals, match play points: win = 30 pts, tie = 15 pts, loss = 0 pts. Matches shall be determined by the tournament committee. Top 5 advances (based on entries), finalist seeded 3rd, 4th & 5th will bowl one game, highest score advances vs. #2 seed etc.….. Handicap division Stepladder finals are based on 60% of 200.

8. All awards shall be awarded as follows: 1st 35%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 17%, 4th 13%, 5th 10%. Money will be dispersed in each division with a minimum prize ratio of 1:8. All scholarship winners will receive a scholarship letter, all awards prior to April 1, 2018 are held in SMART account 11031, tournaments held after April 1, 2018 are held by LIYBT

9. Lane assignments shall be at the discretion of the tournament committee. 

10. Violations of the rules listed here or in the USBA rulebook shall be handled as follows: 1st offense, the bowler shall be warned. A 2nd offense shall result in a zero for the tenth frame. A 3rd offense is immediate disqualification. 

11. Slow Play Rule: All competitors will have twenty five (25) seconds to start their delivery from the time the opponent steps off the approach. 

Word LIYBT Rules 9/1/18