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LeRoy's offers many styles and designs of flowers for that special day! Our corsages can be made in any color, and with most any flower. You can choose from pin ons, wristlets, or clips for clothing or hair, with boutonnieres in many flower choices as well.

We have lots of assorted doo-dads for your wristlets - magiclites, scrunchie bands, rhinestone or freshwater pearl bracelets, and more.

Do you want a bouttonierre wrapped with a swatch of your prom dress fabric? Bring in the swatch and we will custom wrap and match your date's boutonniere to your dress! It's a hot look!

We also do great hand-held bouquets such as nosegays, tussie-mussies, ribbon-wrapped clutches, and hand-tied bouquets - perfect for prom. Think of roses, daisies, alstromeria, lilies, camellias, gardenias, tea roses, carnations...the possibilites are endless.

You're not limited to what you see here. Call us or come in and browse through our prom and wedding books for much, more more! You're more than welcome to drop off fabric samples or special ribbons if you'd like. CLICK for prom!
Clutch of Roses,
so perfect.
The classic elegance and timeless appeal of one perfect rose.
A tumble of sweetheart roses for her shoulder.