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Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ Ministries has served residents of Alabama for eight years, now providing a weekly Bible study, two Sabbath Day services, and several outreach programs that present the salvation of Christ in an open and prayerful way. Alabama residents of Monroeville, Frisco City, Atmore, Camden, and surrounding areas are touched by the honest and dedicated lives of Chief Apostle Norman Gholston, and his wife, Pastor Carrie Gholston, and their focus on Jesus Christ changing the lives of hurting people.
The ministry was established 2004 with one member who studied with the apostle in their home. Now, “total membership,” said Apostle Gholston, is too vast to count, stretching well beyond the walls of their modular church located on 14 acres along Alabama Highway 84 in Frisco City.
Plans are in the works to construct a new sanctuary for the“members” who include residents at two nursing homes and inmates at correctional facilities in Monroe County, Atmore and Camden.
Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ Ministries reaches thousands with its Tuesday Bible study and Sabbath services on Friday night and Saturday morning that are viewed on YouTube. Sunday afternoon Bible teachings are heard on WJOD 94.5 FM radio with the Gholstons and on select Sunday mornings with church Mother Cleaver Laffitte.
Pastor Carrie Gholston’s telephone ministry makes her available 24/7 to counsel with people seeking spiritual guidance. She and her husband also conduct revivals and serve as guest speakers in numerous states. They focus on the Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, including growing in faith of the Sabbath and Feast Days of the LORD.


MONROEVILLE, Ala., -- From the beginning of the week until the next, their lives are filled with the work of the Lord.  If she had to put a number on the hours, Pastor Carrie Gholston would say at least 30, but Chief Apostle Norman Gholston believes a number is impossible to say. “We just spend a lot of time doing God’s work. It’s 24 hours in every day,” he said. “We go where God tells us to go, and be where He tells us to be. We rest when He allows us to rest.” They preach and teach, visit the sick, run errands for people who need their help, and so much more, he said.

The apostle and pastor have been diligently working together for the past eight years, after they were married in July 2002. Before that they were ministers in their respective churches.  He had attended House of Prayer of Miracles in Perry, Ga., before joining her at House of Prayer Worldwide Ministries in Gosport. He later began Sabbath services in their home. The Lord, he said, allowed him to establish Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ

Ministries in 2004 after his first member, who was a die-hard Baptist and Pastor Gholston’s father, Eddie Laffitte, began attending services.

Laffitte was baptized and received the Holy Spirit during a Wednesday study at his home. “God said, ‘Now that you got a soul here, what are you going to do? He is your sheep. You’re a shepherd now. You got to lead and feed him. That’s how the church go started,’” said Apostle Gholston. The ministry now includes three weekly services and seven outreach programs that begin with prison visits and radio Bible teachings the first of the week.  “Our ministry is so vast because of the jail ministry and the nursing homes,” the apostle said.