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60 Day Trial Offer:
Global Chem is so confident that you will be equally impressed that we are offering a 60-day trial period. If after using your ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE for 60 days you are dissatisfied, simply return the nozzle to us with the original receipt and we will cheerfully refund the purchase price

This is the ORIGINAL by Bon-Aire, the ONLY nozzle with a two way shut off and a lifetime warrantee.

Bon-Aire is so confident that you will be equally impressed with the operation and reliability of the ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE they are placing a “Lifetime Warranty” on this product.

If at any time the ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE does not meet your standards or operate to your satisfaction, please contact Global Chem or Bon-Aire for a FREE replacement.

The ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE was designed and built with one thing in mind—QAULITY!

So if you are tiered of buying hose nozzles that work great at first then quickly corrode, rust, leak, and just plane break then this is your dream nozzle. You can drop or throw this nozzle down in any position and NOT receive a face full of water. If you accidentally run over the ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE it will still function just fine. The Santoprene Rubber is an excellent safeguard against vehicle scratches and damage to equipment.

The ULTIMATE NOZZLE is designed like a fire nozzle. The ULTIMATE NOZZLE provides a very strong steam to a fan or a mist, controlling the spray pattern is very easy.

Built from high quality components consisting of Aircraft Aluminum, Forged Stainless Steel, Brass, Fiberglass reinforced Nylon, and Comfort grip Santoprene Rubber.

The ULTIMATE HOSE NOZZLE is available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Click the link below for Stainless Steel prices.

Note: We are an Oregon based Co. Sales Tax does NOT apply! More savings for you!

If you have any questions or concerns please call toll free 1-866-391-1126

Check Out The STAINLESS STEEL Model-Completely Chemical Resistant, Even to Acids!
((CLICK HERE)) for the Stainless Steel ULTIMATE NOZZLE