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Discount Page

Call us to order any of these discounted products! 1-800-EL-FOUST (353-6878)

Prices on this page are not affected by any other sales or offers by E.L. Foust Co., Inc.
All products found on this page are non-returnable and are not covered under warranty unless otherwise specified.

Series 400 Air Purification Unit

• Regular Price $775.00 Non-UV or $974.00 with UV

Sale Price 
$697.50 without UV
With UV $876.60

  •  0 Sale unit, UV unit in stock as of 9/15/2017 or
    • 0 Sale unit, Non UV in Stock As of 9/15/2017 can be converted to UV
  • Please pick which type of unit and the correct price will be used.

Minor scratches, slight bend on one corner of the lid, & blemishes inside corner of the lid that will not affect performance or fit; or other warranty. NO returns will be allowed for this unit for the noted blemishes. Warranty on the rest of the unit as stated on our website. 

Regular units are in stock!!

Series 400 Air Purification Unit
Stainless Steel 
UV option can be added for extra cost.

Regular Price  $1094.00
SALE price $930.75

•0 Sale units In Stock As of 2/02/18
Cabinet finish is not up to our usual high quality standards and minor repair to base plate of cabinet, but will not affect performance or warranty. Unit cannot be returned due to finish or the noted repair, due to discount.
Sale price will be offered for the UV option on this blemished model, sale price will be adjusted if you choose the UV option.

Undamaged/regular units are in stock!!

160AN Auto Unit

• Regular Price $369.00, Sale price $261.60 or
$399.00 with HEPA Filter, Sale price $285.60
•0 Sale unit In Stock As of 05/26/2016

Unit being discounted as it was used as display model and comes with a 90 day warranty on motor/blower.

Regular units are in stock!!


160R2 Room Air Purifier

• Regular Price $421.00 or
$451.00 with HEPA Filter, $462.80 with HEPA & Pre-filter
•0 Sale unit In Stock As of 08/04/17

Regular units are in stock!!

10% off regular price!
Motor/blower has slight belmishes, regular warranty other than the noted blemishes.

$405.50 with HEPA, $416.52 with HEPA and Prefilter, or $378.90 with Filterdown, sale prices

IL residents will have sales tax added and there will be shipping costs for this item.  


160DT Desktop Unit


• Regular Price $366.00 or
$396.00 with HEPA Filter

SALE Price is $329.40 or
$356.40 with HEPA Filter

SALE UNIT: 15% off this unit due to a very slight "wobble" in blower/motor bearings. 60 day warranty and unit cannot be returned due to this slight wobble. 

Price for the sale unit as follows: With HEPA, $336.60
With Filterdown $311.10 

•1 Sale unit In Stock As of 2/06/2018      

Regular units are in stock!!


Skuttle F60-1 Steam Humidifier

• REG Price $539.00

SALE Price $485.10
You save $53.90!

•0 In Stock 

Unit comes at a 10% discount due to the need to clear our stock.
Comes complete with flushing timer.

We recommend that you install a lime scale filter in the water supply line for this unit.

KOCH Filter Multi Cells

Each Filter is 95% Efficient
of each in stock as off 5/26/2016

18 x 24 x 12
No header, Particle Board Frame
LIST $198.78


SALE PRICE $100.00

16 x 20 x 12
Single header, Particle Board Frame
LIST $128.29

MERV 8 and MERV 11 Standard Capacity Pleat

Quantity In Stock


 Sale Price

 Original Price


Merv 8




Merv 8




Merv 11




Merv 8 HiCap




Merv 8 HiCap




Merv 8




Merv 8



Shipping cost varies with the item purchased.

Electrostatic Hammock Filter Pad

•1 In Stock As of 05/26/2016
• Price $3.00 each

Size: 30" x 62"
Efficiency: 65% at 1 micron

Flat w/o wire backing.

You can cut to size with scissors using current air filter as a guide.

*Allow a 2-3" edge to "wrap around" frame. Fiberglass FREE*

Call to order: 1-800-353-6878

Residential Hi Efficiency Air Cleaner

  • Regular price $299.00
  • Sale price $265.87!
  • 0 in stock as of  05/26/16


    Unblemished units available at regular price

We are always happy to take the time to help you with your specific air or water problem. Please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail and we will be happy to assist you. If you purchase any products and need to return them for any reason, you must call first for authorization. Any returns may be subjected to re-stocking fees, based on the product and condition of it upon return. Water filter systems cannot be returned if it appears that the system has been installed or is missing parts.

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