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GeoPleat Filter - Item# FG213__
Package Base Price: $72.00
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GeoPleat filters, by Filtration Group, have been developed to provide a high level of filtration in a wide variety of applications. The GeoPleat filter utilizes a thermal embossing pleating and glue bead media separation techniques, which created a three-dimensional pleat in the media. This patented method of pleating and spacing allows the air stream to gently transition into the media, distributing the air evenly throughout the depth of the media.

The media pack of the GeoPleat filter is adhesively bonded on all four sides of the filter frame, eliminating the possibility of air bypass around the filter media.

Low Air Flow Resistance--The GeoPleatís patented pleating design creates the lowest pressure drop for a given efficiency, available in rigid box filters. The low pressure drop of the GeoPleat leads to considerable energy savings in most HVAC systems.
Longer Filter Life--The ideal v-shape of the GeoPleatís media enables complete media utilization. The media loads evenly throughout the depth of the peats, maximizing the life of the filter.
No Aluminum Separators--The GeoPleat filters use a glue bead pleat separation technique, instead of corrugated aluminum separators. The glue bead is completely adhered to the media and has no sharp edges, climinating the threat of damage to the filter media during shipping, handling and installation.
Lightweight--The extreme light weight of the GeoPleat filter makes it much easier on the installer to transport, install and remove the filter, especially in applications with space constraints or roof-top air handling units.
Robust Media--The filtration media utilized in the GeoPleat filter is tremendously resistant to tears and punctures. The rigid pleat pack requires no upstream or downstream grids to protect the media from damage. The media is also resistant to moisture and microbial growth.
Filters must be ordered in increments of 3.

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