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AFM Safecoat New Wallboard Primecoat HPV - Item# SB10_18
Package Base Price: $47.00
Qty :
AFM Safecoat New Wallboard Primecoat HPV is a premium quality, fast curing, flat finish primer specially formulated to provide a superior prime coat over interior surfaces such as new gypsum wallboard and textured sheetrock. It equalizes the absorption rate of top-coat paints over a variety of surfaces with differing porosities, and helps to eliminate decorating problems over textured sheetrock and tape joints on wallboard. Available in gallons and 5 gallon containers. Shipping price varies with container size.

2 oz. [$6.00]

Container Size Details

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Phenopatch Wallboard Joint compound Item # P14111
Price: $5.90
Wallborad joint compound by Phenopatch is a pre-mixed, all-purpose compound for taping, finishing and texturing gypsum wallboard. Wallboard Joint Compound can also be used to cover and finish gypsum wallboard joints, cornerbead, screw or nail holes. It may also be used to patch and texture interior walls.
Low VOC 0.0 Lb/Gal
Larger container sizes available, please contact us for details & pricing.
Phenopatch Spackling Paste 1/2 pint Item # P10222 P
Price: $5.70
Phenopatch Spackling Paste is an all-purpose, ready to use spackle for repairing & filling cracks & holes in drywall, wallboard, plaster, wood, brick, and stone. Product spreads easliy for fast professional finish that will not crack, crumble, or flake. Spackling paste dries hard, sands easily, and can be painted. Cleans up with water! Very low VOC 0.1 lb/gallon.
Larger sizes are available in case lots only at this time. Call us for details.
Phenoseal White - 10 oz. cartridge (P102)
Price: $7.00
Phenoseal White vinyl adhesive caulk is a versatile, all-purpose caulk that is perfect for almost any job. Bonds, caulks, seals! Easy to apply. Cleans up easily with soap & water. Cured caulk is mildew resistant. Fast drying and can be painted with latex and oil-based paints. Provides a waterproof seal both indoors & outdoors.
AFM Safecoat Caulking Compound Item#: SB71_30
Price: $0.00
AFM SafeCoat Multipi-purpose Caulk is an environmentally safe,non-toxic,high performance, quick curing caulking compound for use in a wide variety of applications. It does not off-gas, & has almost no odor,(none after it cures). Safe to use in in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces. Exceeds all VOC & environmental regulations, including California. Provides a water resistant, flexible, easy to install, non-sag sealant with excellent initial & permanent adhesion, wthout release of solvent or obnoxious odors.Product is made with 100% solids,so there is no shrinkage. Cures in wet or dry conditions and can be applied in temperature range of 30 degrees F to 200 degrees F. It is non-flammable, non-slumping & is paintable. Use for caulking windows, cracks, holes,walls, woodwork, siding & masonry.Contains no formaldehyde. Safely used by and for the chemicallysensitive. Shipping costs will vary with number of tubes ordered.

We are always happy to take the time to help you with your specific air or water problem. Please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail and we will be happy to assist you. If you purchase any products and need to return them for any reason, you must call first for authorization. Any returns may be subjected to re-stocking fees, based on the product and condition of it upon return. Water filter systems cannot be returned if it appears that the system has been installed or is missing parts.

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