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Nilfisk Hypo-Allergenic 3 inch Dust Brush w/ Blue Bristles - Item#: N22103600

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Manufacturer: Nilfisk
Price: $27.37
Qty :
Nilfisk dust brush is hypo-allergenic and comes in the standard accessory package and will fit any Nilfisk consumer vacuum.
Will fit any models with a 32mm adjustable brush nozzle.

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Nilfisk 3" Dust brush for Family Vacuum and all other models with a 32mm adjustable brush nozzle.
Nilfisk Replacement Bags - Family Vac - Item#: N82222900
Price: $22.58
Replacement bags for the Nilfisk Family Vac allergy vacuum. Set of 5 bags.
Nilfisk Replacement Bags - GM-80/GM90 - Item# N82222900
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Replacement bags for the Nilfisk GM-80/GS90 bags and all other Nilfisk allergy vaccuums except for the Family Vac. Set of 5 bags.
Old part number was N81620000
Nilfisk Turbo Nozzle - Item# N56649625
Price: $105.00
The Nilfisk turbo nozzle with rotating brush is ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpets. The suction operated nozzle loosens ground-in dirt, while the pile is simultaneously combed and lifted.
Nilfisk HEPA Filter Replacement - Family Vac CDF- Item#: N12015500
Price: $85.27
Nilfisk Family Vacuum HEPA exhaust filter captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns.
Nilfisk HEPA Filter Replacement - GM-80 - Item# N01727631
Price: $249.42
Nilfisk GM 80 HEPA replacement filter, rated at 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Change every 3000 hours,or more frequently if used under heavy dust condtions.Minimum recommendation is change this HEPA every 4 years.
Nilfisk Microstatic Diffusers - GM-80 Item # N11641000
Price: $18.84
Microstatic Diffuser pads for Nilfisk GM80/90 Vacuum. Set of 2.
Nilfisk Cotton Filter Replacement - Family Vac - Item#: N12014102
Price: $106.13
Nilfisk Family Vac replacement cotton main filter retains 99.8% of all particles to 3 microns in size. This large filter ensures that a steady, even airflow is maintained, giving great suction power even when the bag is filling.
Nilfisk Cotton Filter Replacement - GM80 -Item# N61543000
Price: $91.76
GM80 replacement cotton main filter retains 99.8% of all particles down to 3 microns in size.The large filter area ensures a steady,even airflow is maintained, giving you great suction power even when the bag is filling.
Nilfisk GM 80 container clip kit (2/set) Item # N22142500
Price: $26.31
Nilfisk GM 80 canister clip replacement kit.

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