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Alpha-Stat Filters Item # E1020
MERV12 rated filter! The Alpha-Stat filter not only uses mechanical means to remove particles but also employs an electrostatic charge on each fiber of the media to increase the filters efficiency on the capturing and retaining of Submicron particles. This can include all types of dust, bacteria, mold, spores, abestos, and all types of smoke. Rated 86.8% efficient at 1.0 microns. In a world of assorted airborne contaminants the Alpha-Stat is todays response to the ever changing demand for quality air. Stock sizes range fromr 10 x 20 x1 up to 20 x 30 x 1, with all the popular sizes in between. Available in 2" thickness and custom sizes also.
15 x 26 Alpha-Stat Bulk Filter Item#: E1526B
Price: $11.80
MERV 12 rated Alpha-Stat filter not only uses mechanical means to remove particles but also employs an electrostatic charge on each fiber of the media to increase the filters efficiency on the capturing and retaining of Submicron particles. This can include dust, bacteria, mold, spores, abestos, smoke. In a world of assorted airborne contaminants the Alpha-Stat is todays response to the ever changing demand for quality air. This is the flat version of the MERV 12 pleats and is perfect for window & through the wall AC units.
When used on the 160 Air Purifiers as the optional Pre-filter, you can expect about 2 months of service life with this filter.
30 x 64 Alpha-Stat MERV 12 Hammock Filter Item#: E3064H
Price: $28.00
MERV 12 rated Alpha-Stat filter, 30" x 64" flat or hammock filter, not only uses mechanical means to remove particles but also employs an electrostatic charge on each fiber of the media to increase the filters efficiency on the capturing and retaining of Submicron particles. This can include dust, bacteria, mold, spores, abestos, smoke. In a world of assorted airborne contaminants the Alpha-Stat is todays response to the ever changing demand for quality air. It was originally designed to fit Lennox type furnaces but can be cut to any size with scissors for use in window or wall air conditioners, or to cover heating vents.
Residential Hi-Efficiency Air Cleaner - Item#GF10658
Original part number for the RHE unit was FG13158
Residential High Efficiency air filter system. Eighty-five percent of the dirt in a house breezes right through the furnace filters that you can buy in a hardware store and is deposited back onto your walls, carpet, furniture and window treatments. Just add a Residential Hi Efficiency Air Cleaner,rated at MERV 12, to your forced-air heating and cooling unit, and you will get a system that keeps the air in your home cleaner, fresher, and healthier than it's ever been. Recommeded filter change-out at least every 12 months.
Residential Hi-Efficiency Air Cleaner - Replacement Filters - Item# GF10658 ( set of 4)
Price: $83.99
Set of 4, change at least annually.
Even though these filters become more efficient as they load up, they will need to be changed. The Residetial Hi Efficiency Air Filters,rated at MERV 12, last longer than other air cleaners because there is much more media packed into the same amount of area.

Chemical control filters are available for this unit, however they will need to be replaced approximately 2-3 times a year. Please specify carbon choice at checkout if you are purchasing the chemical control replacement filters.
Aerostar Merv8 Pleated Filters - Item# MERV 8
Aerostar MERV 8 high quality pleated air filters, for home, office, schools,hotels, or factories. Filters must be purchased in packages of 12 for 1" & 2" thickness, 6 per package on 4" thickness. Pricing is for packages of 12. All popular sizes available and custom sizes can be made also.
On the Merv 8 Pleated Air Filter, the 100% synthetic media is bonded to a metal grid on the air-exiting side, preventing fluttering, and maintaining uniformity of the pleats. High efficiency & low air flow resistance are a result of the state-of-the-art media. The filter pack is enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant, die-cut frame that will not warp, crack or distort under normal operating conditions. Purchases must be made in case lots. Please contact us for more information. Price of shipping is per case lot.
MERV 10 high capacity pleats now available. Please contact us for more details!
Merv11 Pleated Filters - Item# MERV 11 Pleated air filters
Aerostar MERV 11 filters by Filtration Group,must be purchased in packages of 12. Pricing is per package.

The Series 1100 filters accumulate the heavier, more restrictive particles at the bottom of the pleats, leaving the sides open longer for effective filtration. The Series 1100 filter media is engineered to provide maximum efficiency. In general, the deeper the pleats, the longer filter life between changeouts. These filters are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Purchases must be made in case lots. Price for shipping will vary with size of filters and quantity ordered. Please contact us for more information. All popular and custom sizes available.
Aerostar SL Series Mini-Pleat Filter - Item# SL_MINI_PLEAT
Price: $172.43
Aerostar SL Mini-Pleats come in various sizes and efficiencies. Must order in quantites of 2

The Aerostar SL utilizes a robust, corrosion and mold resistant galvanized steel frame together with our proven thread separator technology. The SL meets your high efficiency filter needs while providing exceptional filter integrity and consistent performance – even under the most adverse operating conditions.


The Aerostar SL is a cost effective solution to IAQ problems allowing filter efficiency upgrades without costly modification to existing HVAC hardware.

The compact 4” design requires less handling, shipping, storage and disposal. The SL virtually eliminates frame and media collapse under adverse conditions such as high humidity, high temperature, fan shutdown, variable air volume and turbulent air flow situations. And, our minipleat technology improves filtration efficiency without an unacceptable energy penalty.


Replace low efficiency filters in any application – especially in tough operating environments. Use in health care, commercial building, educational, industrial and commercial applications to replace bulky bag and box style filters. The Aerostar SL – available in ASHRAE 65%, 85% and 95% efficiencies – can also be used as a pre-filter for high efficiency applications or a final filter in HVAC systems.

Use in OEM applications for portable air cleaning equipment and in new air handling units to reduce space requirements without sacrificing clean air.
NOVA Pleat Merv 6 Pleated Filters Item# MERV 6
NOVA pleat MERV 6,by Filtration Group,meets ASHRAE standard 52.2, is a 100% metal free design. It's extremely durable, and the NOVA PLEAT is engineered with premium materials, eliminating the need for a metal support grid. Made with 100% synthetic non-woven material that is twice the weight of conventional pleated filters. The new design provides increased surface contact and added rigidity. The center support strut adds strength to the frame producing tough, rigid filter suitable for long life applications. Please call us for sizes that are available.
Aerostar FP Mini Pleat Filters (Fine Dust) - Item# FP Fine Dust
AEROSTAR FP Fine dust filters:
Size: 24x24x12 recommended, but other sizes available. Efficiencies available , 75%, 85%,95% & 98% @1.0 micron and 98% @ 0.3 micron.

The Aerostar FP Series mini-pleat V-Bank system was designed in Europe for demanding fine dust applications in high energy cost environments. Today, the Aerostar FP Series Fine Dust Filter is recognized worldwide as the most proven and reliable high technology air filter on the market. The mini-pleat V-Bank technology has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient in removing a wide variety of contaminants from the air stream in industrial, medical, office, and original equipment applications.


The Aerostar FP Series' unique mini-pleat V-Bank design incorporates 193 square feet of high efficiency media within a 24" x 24" x 12" (nominal) rigid frame, significantly more than most other high efficiency filters on the market.

The extended media surface creates a very low resistance to air flow. The low pressure drop results in lower energy costs and longer filter life - key advantages in filter selection. The Aerostar FP's rigid design allows it to withstand many unfavorable conditions especially variable air volume (VAV).


The Aerostar FP's unique, inherently stable filter design distributes air evenly across the filter. It allows for large variations in air flow and pressure drop without affecting filter performance and efficiency. The Aerostar FP performance is not affected by repeated fan shutdowns or changes in air flow velocities. The Aerostar FP is rated at continuous air flows rates of 3000 cubic feet per minute (cfm).

The Aerostar FP is designed to handle nearly all types of unusual circumstances: 100% relative humidity, turbulent air flow, intermittent exposure to water, repeated fan shutdown, desert and marine installations. The Aerostar FP can be used in virtually any application.
Aerostar Titan FP Filter - Item# Titan FP
Titan FP filters, by Filtration Group, are constructed with the highest quality components available. The high impact plastic frame, steel struts and micro-glass media work together to form an extremely rigid filter suitable for normal to hostile environments. The Titan FP is designed to be used in variable air volume (VAV) systems and recommended for use in constant velocity systems as well.

The Titan FP’s proven V-bank design provides maximum airflow conditions, while providing nearly complete media utilization. Dead spots due to aluminum separators and other restrictions are virtually eliminated. The aerodynamic construction minimizes, and in some cases eliminates, the need for pre-filtration. The Titan FP is extremely light, reducing stress on the installer and promoting a safer work environment. The built in handle eases transporting the filters to the installation site.

The Titan FP is designed to handle nearly all types of conditions: 100% relative humidity, turbulent air flow, intermittent exposure to water, repeated fan shutdowns, desert and marine installations.

The Titan FP is engineered for hospitals, turbine, industrial, commercial and original equipment applications.
GeoPleat Filter - Item# FG213__
GeoPleat filters, by Filtration Group, have been developed to provide a high level of filtration in a wide variety of applications. The GeoPleat filter utilizes a thermal embossing pleating and glue bead media separation techniques, which created a three-dimensional pleat in the media. This patented method of pleating and spacing allows the air stream to gently transition into the media, distributing the air evenly throughout the depth of the media.

The media pack of the GeoPleat filter is adhesively bonded on all four sides of the filter frame, eliminating the possibility of air bypass around the filter media.

Low Air Flow Resistance--The GeoPleat’s patented pleating design creates the lowest pressure drop for a given efficiency, available in rigid box filters. The low pressure drop of the GeoPleat leads to considerable energy savings in most HVAC systems.
Longer Filter Life--The ideal v-shape of the GeoPleat’s media enables complete media utilization. The media loads evenly throughout the depth of the peats, maximizing the life of the filter.
No Aluminum Separators--The GeoPleat filters use a glue bead pleat separation technique, instead of corrugated aluminum separators. The glue bead is completely adhered to the media and has no sharp edges, climinating the threat of damage to the filter media during shipping, handling and installation.
Lightweight--The extreme light weight of the GeoPleat filter makes it much easier on the installer to transport, install and remove the filter, especially in applications with space constraints or roof-top air handling units.
Robust Media--The filtration media utilized in the GeoPleat filter is tremendously resistant to tears and punctures. The rigid pleat pack requires no upstream or downstream grids to protect the media from damage. The media is also resistant to moisture and microbial growth.
Filters must be ordered in increments of 3.
Trion Air Bear Replacement Filter - Item# FG12428
Price: $34.86
Trion Air Bear replacement filters provides a clean, controlled inside environment. Trion Air Bear whole-house Media Air Cleaners are much more efficient than ordinary furnace filters and outperforms the competition because of its highly-efficient synthetic material. MERV 8 rating on these filters.
Skuttle DB Series Replacements - Item#SKU448-_
Price: $26.46
Skuttle replacement air filters.Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important issue, and for good reason. The air in today's homes may be up to 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. The Air Cleaner DB-25-16, DB-25-20 and DB-20-20 are duct-mounted, high efficiency air filters, designed to provide air filtration in today's energy-efficient homes. The Air Cleaner is easily installed, and filter cartridges slide in and out for quick, easy replacement. The Skuttle Air Cleaner gives high-efficiency performance while protecting the heating and air-conditioning system with low resistance and high dirt-loading capability.
How It Works:
The High Efficiency Air Cleaner removes the airborne contaminants that enter through the return air ductwork of your heating and air-conditioning system. The filter media contains an extensive surface area, folded into a series of pleats and expanded into the replacement cartridge. The pleating allows for higher collection and less resistance. Most media-type filters capture airborne contaminants by surface loading. The efficient non-woven design utilizes depth loading by combining the filtration principles of impingement, diffusion, interception and straining. Rated at MERV 8 for particle trapping performance.
MERV 11 rated replacement filters are now available.
Spaceguard Replacement Filter - Item# FG10659
Price: $36.79
Spaceguard replacment filters, by Filtration Group. High efficiency air cleaner for your whole house with a MERV 11 rating. Fits Model numbers 2200 and 2250, and is designed for convenient installation with any type forced air heating/cooling system.

We are always happy to take the time to help you with your specific air or water problem. Please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail and we will be happy to assist you. If you purchase any products and need to return them for any reason, you must call first for authorization. Any returns may be subjected to re-stocking fees, based on the product and condition of it upon return. Water filter systems cannot be returned if it appears that the system has been installed or is missing parts.

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