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    When we go, most of us want our possessions to be distributed in the way we want to the people we loved.  This is why people have a will.

    If we should become incapacitated, most of us want decision about our medical care and finances to be made by a person we know well, who will follow our written instructions in such circumstances.  This is why people have living wills (also known as health care directives) and powers of attorney.

    The lawyer who drafts these documents for you needs to be able to ask you the right questions and  listen carefully and attentively to your answers.  The lawyer then has to write your wishes down in the plain English that will best ensure your wishes are understood and followed.  If you are thinking of having any of these documents prepared for you, please go to the New Client page now and tell Carl about your needs.  He can give you an idea of what will best suit your needs, and let you know his reasonable charges for the documents you need.

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