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The following quotes are taken from a few of the many thank-you notes received over the years from grateful clients:
"I’m very grateful to have met you and had the privilege to be represented by Portland’s best attorney by far.  God bless you.”

* * * * *

"Thank you so much for all your caring help you have shown to our family. We wish you and all your loved ones the best.”

* * * * *

“Thank you for your help.  You were able to perform with one phone call something I could not do with [many] phone calls and pleas.”

* * * * *

“Words cannot express our appreciation for all that you have done, Carl.  When we first met you in 1991, we never imagined that our association would take us so far.  You were sure that … we had solid legal ground to stand on.  But never did we expect to be creating legal ground for others to stand on, too.

You were, and continue to be, committed to making a difference in the world.  You stayed the course.  We still wish that the Tanner decision was called the Kiss decision, for many reasons, but mostly because it was your brilliance, commitment and energy that carried it through.”

* * * * *

“ `As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful.’  (quoting Laura Ingalls Wilder)  Thank you so much.  God bless.”
Compliments from Local Elected Officials

What follows is what some non-clients familiar with Carl’s work have had to say:

     “As Mayor of the City of Portland and as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, we have come to know Carl Kiss through his efforts to extend justice to all in our fair City.  … Throughout the months and countless meetings spent …, Carl consistently demonstrated a keen intellect and fundamental respect for others’ viewpoints.  … More recently, Carl came to the City’s assistance when we faced a dilemma involving our Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund.   … After reading about the City’s dilemma in The Oregonian, Carl contacted us both and provided the legal means, know-how and persuasiveness needed to quickly correct the problem without a lawsuit … .  He did all this without even having a client in this matter.  Carl simply saw an injustice, and then stepped forward to help the City solve the problem on his own time.  As a result, our City and our police and firefighters are now better off than they were.
     “Carl’s integrity and compassion, his fundamental respect for other people and differing viewpoints, and his polite self-confidence without a hint of egomania, distinguish him most favorably. … Carl has our highest recommendation.”

            Portland Mayor Vera Katz and her Chief of Staff Sam Adams  (written to Governor Kulongoski only to assist Carl in his effort to become an Oregon appellate judge)

* * * * *


           I heard your comments at the Human  Rights luncheon.  Your work on the case and your speech made me very proud to be a lawyer.  Thank you for what you have done for our city and state.

                   Jim Francesconi (City Commissioner)”
Please note:  Any result that was achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.

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