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   Injury cases arise in a number of different ways: in a car, on a bike, or as a pedestrian; as a medical patient, while using an unreasonably dangerous product, or even while peacefully resting at home. When someone carelessly causes another person to get injured, the law holds the wrongdoer responsible to make the injured person “whole.”  Making a person whole requires compensation for not just their medical bills and wage loss incurred, but for their past and future pain and suffering, any permanent problem, and any diminished earning capacity.

   Carl has been handling these types of cases for twenty years. As a former pre-med student who took the Medical College Admission Test during law school, Carl can understand and effectively communicate the medical aspects of your injuries, ongoing pain and disabilities to the insurance adjuster or jury just as well as he can communicate the legal aspects of your case.

   If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s carelessness, please go to the New Client page now and tell Carl what happened. He can help you to decide if you have a case worth pursuing, and can advise you of the strict time limits applicable to your case.

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