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Why should I call you?

    I care.

There is a reason why most of the cases I handle involve people who have been seriously injured, wrongfully fired or treated terribly on the job.  Our health and our jobs are absolutely essential to living the way we want and to being who we are.  When others wrongly take away our health or our work, they should pay the price.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping real people right a wrong by holding wrongdoers responsible for the harm they have caused.

    I listen.

Many people find it hard to make a claim or file a lawsuit.  They donít like to confront others and accuse them of wrongdoing.  Others fear the stress they may feel while their case is pending.  Some are so scared of a possible trial, they fail to realize that the vast majority of cases settle before they need to be tried.  Even just looking for a lawyer causes many people to become anxious, since the process can be so different from anything else they have done.

Whatever your concerns, one thing will always be true.  If your lawyer is someone who cares about you, listens to your concerns, and tries to help you through them, the process will be easier for you to go through.  Please feel free to call for an appointment to meet me, so you can decide for yourself if I am the right person to help you through this process.

    I try not to talk like a lawyer (except when Iím talking to judges or other lawyers).

If youíre lucky, this is the first time youíve needed a lawyer.  But even if this isnít your first time, you will certainly have questions about what to expect.  Part of my job is to make you more comfortable with the legal process, and to keep you as informed as you want to be about the progress of your case.  If you donít understand something I tell you, I want you to tell me, because I want to take the time to explain things to you until you feel you do understand.

Even though Iím a lawyer, I still know how to speak plain English.  I hope you will always feel free to call me or write to me whenever you have a question or concern.

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