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When serious national and local issues beckon him, Carl finds the time to respond. In 2004 alone, Carl was one of the key planners of two significant legal seminars planned not just for lawyers, but for the general public.
    On April 15, 2004, the Civil Rights Section of the Oregon State Bar sponsored a seminar entitled “Civil Liberties after 9/11.”  For the seminar, the section flew in the primary author of the Patriot Act, Professor Viet Dinh, and the head of the Civil Rights Department of the Department of Homeland Security. Also participating were Congressman Earl Blumenauer, attorney Charlie Hinkle (representing the ACLU of Oregon), U.S. Attorney for Oregon Karin Immergut, criminal defense attorney Kristen Winemiller (who was involved in the Portland Seven cases), and Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Christi George. Tapes of this program have been televised on local cable access channels in various parts of the State, and key portions have been broadcast on OPB radio.

    On May 22, 2004, the Civil Rights Section also sponsored “Traffic Stops, Civil Rights and You,” a forum that addressed recent shootings by Portland Police Bureau officers. Carl and three African-American lawyers formed the Committee for Community Safety to organize and plan this event, and helped to raise the funds to fly in a leading expert to participate. Sheryl Robinson, a former President of the National Black Prosecutors Association and a former U.S. Attorney specializing in police misconduct cases, gave the keynote address. Also participating in the forum were State Senator Avel Gordly, former Police Chief Tom Potter, past president of the Oregon State Bar Angel Lopez, police department and organization attorney C. Akin Blitz, civil rights attorney Tom Steenson, head of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Drug Unit, communications expert Denise Harrington, and long-time community leader Joan Brown-Kline. Tapes of this forum have been provided to local police bureaus, to assist them in considering and effectuating changes in their officer policies and training. Tapes have also been provided, and remain available, to Portland organizations benefiting minority youth, to assist those organizations in educating minority youth on how to best stay safe during a traffic stop. For Carl, the goal of this forum was really quite simple --  to save lives.
Carl spent long hours helping to plan both these programs for the same basic reason he continues to practice the type of law he does: He tries not to pass up key opportunities to try to make our nation, our state and our city a fairer and better place for everyone.

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