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James E. Broadnax, Founder -  about James click here  - Ph: 228.355.0244 - eMaiL: Jim@RBPteam.com

Recycle Buying Power (RBP) offers organizations a community-based program that generates funds through recycling the buying power of your supporters.  RBP achieves this by setting up a dedicated shopping website (web portal) for your organization.  Your supporters will have access to the largest shopping web portal online, with over 3,000 stores and 35 million products and services.
Many non-profit leaders are forced to re-think how necessary services will be provided in the new economy with decreasing donations.  Recycle Buying Power is one of many new and innovative solutions that help. Your organization’s supporters are already shopping online, and will do more in the future.  Forrester Research reports online retail as $173 billion, and will grow to $249 billion by year 2014. Recycle Buying Power solution captures online profit generated by your supporters as donations to your organization.

What makes the RBP solution different?
1.   No out of pocket Costs to your organization
2.   A local social entrepreneur works directly with your organization to ensure achievement of fundraising goals.
3.   Recycle Buying Power assists with promotional and marketing materials for your organization.
4.   Local social entrepreneurs will train your organization's supporters on shopping on your web portal. 
5.   Supporters will find g
ood Hot Deals, coupons, cashback and more.
6.   Supporters earn up to 35% cash back on qualified purchases, an incentive to shop.
7.   Supporters earn an additional 1/2% cash back on anyone they refer to your organization's web portal.

8.   Supporters can accumulate cashback towards additional purchases or cash.
9.   Ongoing fundraising program with continual growth into the future.
10. Our team assists with all tools and support to achieve success.

To Learn more see videos:
The web portal Recycle Buying Power uses is from Market America-Shop.com Inc, an internet marketing company.  The Shop.com web portal has all the benefits that shoppers love to have. 
Sample: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church provides an online shopping experience for its supporters see ShopShilohFirst.com.

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      - Ten $1 Billion Days - (Totalling $37.2 Billion)

What is CA$HBACK?

James E. Broadnax, Founder -  about James click here  - Ph: 228.355.0244 - eMaiL: Jim@RBPteam.com